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Renting a Car for Spring Break at Houston

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Springs break is a vacation period in early spring at universities and schools. This is a time for gatherings of students and families with small children to visit in warm climate locations. The Weather here in Houston is lovely at this time of the year.

If you are planning for an excellent Springs Break, it’s wise to find the best price for rental cars and travel.  


There are some coverage products available at the rental desk. Liability coverage assists with expenses that come from damaging another motorist’s vehicle or creating personal injury in a collision.

Once you have reviewed with your insurer and determined whether optional coverage is best for you, it’s time to jump into your rental car and enjoy your journey.

Choose Spring Break Your Car

At Elite Rent a Car, we offer you the option of renting the right car for your needs because we care for our customers. 

The Compact Car is the most popular choice. The economical option would be a small car. Toyota Corolla or similar. 

The midsize sedan. Like a Camry or similar car. It has a roomy interior, this type of car offers comfort and reliability. Perfect for a family of 4. With enough trunk space for everybody’s luggage.

The rent of a pickup truck is one of the most useful. Not everybody has a pickup truck, only people that use it for work. But when you require one, it is invaluable to have the option to rent one. A minivan is a popular alternative for groups of seven passengers. The Toyota Sienna is an excellent minivan. The perfect car rental choice for families. If you are in need to transport ten or more people to and from a given destination. The fifteen-passenger Van can be the perfect vehicle for a large group.

Packing for a Spring Break Road Trip

Make sure everyone in the group has a complete packing list as well as an itinerary of the travel. When packing your rental car, make sure heavy stuff is on the bottom, followed by suitcases, and then pack coolers and food on top for easy snack access.

If you are well-prepared for your spring break road trip, you create the best lifelong memories. Hit the road, buckle up, drive safely, and have the road trip of a lifetime!

Our local Houston rental car company meet your rental demands, look no further. We are right here in Houston, Texas.

Relax, we’ll get you on the road with our easy terms and conditions. If you need a rental car or van, come to Elite Rent A Car for a reliable rental service.

We have been Serving Houstonians since 1998. Call us if you’re in the Houston, Texas area and need a rental vehicle.

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