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Our fleet of rental vehicles

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Since we opened our doors for business, Elite Rent a Car has always maintained a very extensive choice of car rental types. We maintain all our vehicles extensively to ensure reliability, performance, and customer safety. Our fleet counts with almost every vehicle type available today. So no matter what car type you might need, Elite Rent a Car has the right option for you.

Toyota Corolla or Similar

We offer small economical cars for budget-minded renters, like the Toyota Corolla, which happens to be the car most sold throughout the world because of how reliable they are. It can seat four passengers plus the driver. It is also very fuel efficient, although it might not be the best option for taller passengers.

Toyota Camry or Similar

Next in our lineup is the mid-sized sedan, like the Toyota Camry. Just like the Corolla, this car represents reliability and comfort. It features a spacious trunk that can easily accommodate all the typical luggage for a family of four.

Toyota Tacoma or Similar

Elite Rent a Car offers pickup truck rentals like the Toyota Tacoma if you need to relocate a large item or cargo. This rental option is perfect to have when you are moving! Make fewer trips since you can fit a lot more stuff!

Toyota Sienna or Similar

You can travel in comfort with enough room for everyone! Perfect for families with small children! Like the Toyota Sienna, a minivan might be the best choice for larger families or parties.

Toyota SUVs or Similar

We also offer SUVs in all sizes, like the Toyota Highlander, RAV4, and for the more adventurous, Toyota 4 Runner. Plenty of additional cargo space! Just like the Sienna, these are perfect choices for families with kids.

Multi Passenger Vans

But if you need to accommodate large groups of people, Elite Rent a Car has twelve to fifteen passenger vans available. This vehicle option is perfect for transporting a larger party for special events or large group of out town family members.

Extensive vehicle fleet!

Our fleet of rental vehicles offers our customers almost every possible car type for their needs. Our customer service is our most important priority. Our goal is to provide you with the right clean, reliable vehicle for your needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. You can make your reservation today!

Exotic Car Show

Elite Rent A Car is a proud sponsor of The Car Culture Car show. Although Houston is a sizable city, automobile enthusiasts can be found everywhere! Because of this, you can find us all over town! Check out the car culture’s upcoming events!