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Flexible Rental Agreement

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At Elite Rent a Car, we offer you the best, most competitive rates and a flexible rental agreement that we have designed to accommodate maximum flexibility for our customers while guaranteeing no hidden surprise charges.

All vehicles in the state of Texas must be insured. Therefore, you are required to have proof of insurance. You can still purchase a damage waiver option if you do not have a car insurance policy. We do have a requirement of a minimum of three-day rentals to offer you this option. 

All our rentals have a no-millage restriction as long as the vehicle remains in Texas. We will work with you if you plan to cross state lines. But it would be best if you let us know beforehand since doing so without our knowledge will be considered a breach of contract.

To be able to accommodate all our customers, debit car rentals are available. A $25.00 background check fee will be applied, and a three-day minimum rental is also a requirement. None of these restrictions apply to credit card renters.

Give us a call at 713-227-3777 if you have any questions.

Check our vehicle options! Our vehicle alternatives include almost every style. We have small economical options all the way to multi-passenger vans. We often need to get from A to B so that a small compact will do the job, but sometimes we might have to haul a large load. Elite Rent a Car has got you covered. With these many options and our excellent customer service, Elite Rent a Car is simply your best car rental option in the Houston metropolitan area.

Every one of our vehicles is meticulously maintained to ensure you have a reliable vehicle each time you rent from us. We also go to great lengths to clean and sanitize each car when returned. Protecting our staff and customers’ health is one of our top priorities.