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Motorcycles and Cars on the Road

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Even if you rent a car, you should always be aware of every vehicle around you.

Despite if you ride a motorcycle every day or have never touched one in your life, it’s essential to learn that safe driving includes everyone. 

In an accident, where a car and a motorcycle are involved, chances are it won’t be a fender bender, it could be terrible and also life-threatening for a motorcyclist. It won’t be a door or bumper. 

The size of motorcycles permits them to travel between tight spaces but also causes them to be quickly hidden in your blind spots or behind other things in the background. Having your mirrors adjusted helps reduce your blind spots. But always keep in mind the blind spots.


Severe weather has more impact on motorcycles than it does on cars. Fewer wheels on slippery roads mean less contact with the road, which leads to longer stopping distances. Strong winds also make it harder for riders to maintain control. Lousy weather also affects the drivers of cars by limiting visibility and traction.

Drive with care when crossing in lousy weather and give a safe following distance for motorcyclists to increased stopping distance.

Ride and Drive Safe

Ready to go on a road trip with you and your friends in a Van or take an adventure in a motorcycle, safety should be of the highest importance for all drivers. 

The right car to rent!

Staying safe on the road as a rider or driver is the best way to make any road trip adventure enjoyable for everyone. Double-check which car is the right one to rent in terms of safety and comfortability for the kind of journey you are preparing.

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