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Renting a Car in Houston

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Rent a Car in Houston is a Need, and a great way to travel to the City, whether you are here for vacation or business. The airports are very far from most destinations, and cabs would likely be cost-prohibitive. The good news is that renting a car in Houston is relatively inexpensive compared to most other large city’s.

Get directions ahead of time because the freeways can get very confusing, and Houston drivers do not have the patience for slow drivers. If you are a slow driver, always drive in the right-hand lane of the freeway. Downtown Houston and the Galveston Seawall require paid parking.

NASA, Kemah, and Galveston are great day trips, but not conveniently accessible by public transportation. If you’re traveling to NASA, Kemah is just a few minutes further along the same route.

Texas has strict laws regarding seat belts and approved child car seats. All occupants of a vehicle are required to wear a seat belt or risk a fine of up to $250. Children 8-years-old or under and under 4′ 9″ in height are required to be in approved safety seats. You must have car seats for each child under 8-years of age.   

For some newcomers, driving in Houston can be a little overwhelming. Setting aside the sheer size of the nation’s fourth-largest city. Whether you’ve been in town for a day or a decade, here are some tips to help you navigate Houston swiftly and safely.

Rules of the Road while Renting a Car in Houston 

Most of the driving laws in Houston are relatively similar to those found in the rest of the United States. Some differences will be learning to merge onto feeder roads, avoid tolls, and aggressive drivers. Safety tips and guidelines will go a long way to helping new drivers to navigate the streets, highways, and feeder roads of Houston.

Speed Limits

The maximum speed for roadways in Houston varies by road type. Highways and freeways habitually have speed limits of 65 to 75 mph. While Farm to Market and feeder roads typically have speed limits of 55 to 65 mph. Residential streets usually enforce a maximum speed of between 30 and 45 mph.

Passing Lane

On roads with two or more lanes, the lane furthest to the left is the passing lane, and should only be used to pass other vehicles. Those driving under the speed limit should use the right lane unless overtaking a slower car.

Right on Red and U-Turns

Unless they have traffic lights turning right on red is legal in most of Houston, as is making a U-turn at most intersections.

The major highways in Houston have nicknames, and sometimes those names vary, depending on what part of the freeway you are referring to, and you could get confusing.

Other common names for major roadways include:

  1. Katy Freeway: The portion of I-10 that is west of I-45
  2. Baytown East Freeway: The proportion of I-10 that is east of I-45
  3. Southwest Freeway: The part of US 59 that is south of I-45
  4. Eastex Freeway: The role of US 59 that is north of I-45
  5. 610 Loop or Inner Loop: Another name for I-610.

North Loop is the portion between Highway 290 and Highway 90 just north of downtown while North Loop West is the portion between 290 and I-45

Sam Houston Parkway: The feeder road for State Highway Beltway 8

Sam Houston Tollway: the main street of State Highway Beltway 8, also known as the Outer Loop

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