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SUV Rental Convenience

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When looking at rental cars’ options, it can be hard to know if an SUV rental is right for your family. It would help if you found something with plenty of room for all to ride pleasantly while still having enough capacity for all your baggage. Plus, it’s a good idea to review and simplify your drive journey and maybe add a feeling of enjoyment. We have the answer for you, an SUV is a perfect vehicle.

Roomy SUV Rental

If you need cabin space, different size SUV rental options are large and ready. Our full-size SUVs can easily fit eight adults with several pieces of luggage. You can pack plenty of bags and still have enough room for everyone on your road trip.

SUV Rental Towing Capacity

Suppose your road trip includes an RV, boat, or different kinds of a wagon. In that case, it’s an excellent idea to rent an SUV that will be suitable for your family and able to tow your equipment. A full-size SUV from Value Van can drive up the mountains and large tow packs, all while giving you a steady ride. They are provided with quick acceleration, four-wheel drive, and responsive handling that makes the ride enjoyable.


Road journeys can be challenging at times, particularly if you’re traveling with young children. To pass the time faster, we suggest some amenities. Our full-size SUVs are equipped; you can listen to music or bring along your favorite movie selections. Before you know it, you’ll be at your destination.

At Elite Rent a car, we have the right rental vehicle for you. Whether it’s a full-size SUV, a mid-size car, or even a Van, we’ll find you the right fit for your drive journey. To find out more or make a reservation online. or call today at  281-727-0267. We have two convenient locations in Houston.