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Driving a Rental Car during and Emergency

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While driving a rental car, it is necessary to know what to do, especially when it comes to emergencies.  

Flash Flood Warning at Houston in Huracan Season

Be sure to be prepared with an emergency plan and a kit ready to go, be up to date on the weather forecast, they can abruptly change in a matter of hours. If there are evacuations orders, be sure to take action immediately.

Do not drive or walk close to flooded areas.

What should you do while driving a rental car during a Flash Flood

Flash Floods happens at Houston, the areas of the City surrounding Elite Rent a Car, like Westchase, Westside, Memorial, China Town, Galeria, Uptown, Loop 610, Southwest Freeway.

If your car starts to skid while driving, be sure to set your eyes on a fixed spot and keep towards it.

Tornados can form during a Huracan if you are driving and spot one, be sure to change direction and drive towards a secure shelter.

If your car gets stuck in the mud, turn your steering wheel back and forth, then smoothly push on the accelerator.

What to do if trapped in a Flash Flood

If you encounter a flash flood, don’t drive through or over a flooded road or bridge. Back up and try a higher rout. Don’t stay in a flooded car. If your vehicle is surrounded by water, leave the vehicle, and seek higher ground. If you are stranded in a tree or in a building, don’t leave it to enter the floodwater. 

Surviving a flooded Car

If the vehicle has submerged quickly, fight fear by switching on the interior lights and breathing deeply. Turn on all the car lights (if they still work) to help rescuers see where you are. 

Elite Rent a Car

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Rent a Car – New Normal

Elite Rent A Car makes sure each of our cars is sanitized after each rental. Paying attention to the most high-touch areas of a vehicle, such as the steering wheel and door handles.

Also, we offer curbside pickup, where your car is ready for you when you get to our location. We practice social distance. 

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