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Best Car Rental Option in Houston

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Elite Rent a Car represents your most viable option to rent a car in the Houston metropolitan area. Throughout the many years of serving Houston, we have perfected the entire car rental process. We deliver an affordable car rental option without hidden charges or extra fees.

Our fleet of car rental vehicles

Elite offers many car body styles to suit your needs. We have pickup trucks, mini-vans, SUVs, and almost any other body style you might require. Among our offerings, we count from big, spacious fifteen-passenger vans all the way to an economical compact option for those on a tighter budget. If you need a luxurious Cadillac Escalade, we have those too. We advise you to book early if you need a particular vehicle body style, especially during our high-demand season starting with the Summer break.

Safety, Reliability, and Confort

We are continuously refreshing our car rental fleet. We thoroughly maintain all our automobiles; they are all newer models. We also have all our vehicles extensively cleaned after each return to ensure you get a sanitized, reliable vehicle every time you rent from us. We have a nonsmoking policy with no exceptions. We do this to guarantee a clean, odorless rental experience for all our customers.

Most Transparent Car Rental Agreements in the Industry

Our rental agreement is among the things we have been diligently developing throughout our time doing business. We have simplified it to be completely transparent. You will always know exactly how much your car rental will come out to be before you drive off in your rental.

Corporate Car Rental Accounts

Elite Rent a Car offers special rental packages to company or corporate accounts. Please call us anytime to learn more about these programs or if you have any other questions. You can also contact us through our web form. If you need a car rental today, you can book it here.