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Summer Car Rental

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Summer Car Rental Family Trips

Summer is approaching, and with it, high demand for summer car rental. If you plan to rent a car this summer, we recommend that you book it as soon as possible. That way, you ensure you get the type of car you want to rent.

Elite offers many choices of car rental body styles. But for summer trips, we recommend a Toyota Sienna or similar vehicle, or if you don’t need the extra room, we also have Toyota Highlanders, RAV4s, or matching options. These choices ensure a comfortable trip with plenty of room for your luggage. If you need a lot of space to accommodate several passengers, Elite Rent a Car also offers full-size Vans. You can seat up to fifteen passengers comfortably with one of these bigger options.

Are you moving to our area?

If you are relocating to the Houston area, you will probably need a rental car before you get situated. People often relocate during the summer, especially families with kids in school. Elite Rent a Car offers many vehicles, ensuring you get the right kind and price. With more space to haul your belongings, you can make fewer trips! Elite offers pickup trucks that can be invaluable in moving situations.

Elite Rent a Car also offers corporate rates. Elite can be your car rental partner if your company needs boots on the ground in the Houston area! We also have special programs for law firms.

All our vehicles are well maintained. We sanitize them to ensure you always get a clean car with our GOLD STANDARD CLEANING.

To conclude, if you need a car rental for this summer, don’t wait to book it until the last minute. With high car rental demand, it is necessary to book early to get the right option at the right price!