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Founded in Houston, Texas, over eighteen years ago, Elite Rent a Car has gained valuable customer service experience. The insight accumulated at this time has helped us streamline the entire car rental experience. We have endeavored to find new ways to assist our customers. We provide great value by keeping our fleet of vehicles fresh and continuously expanding our options to accommodate any car rental transportation needs. For example, we recently added Cadillac Escalade Sport Platinum to our extensive vehicle list as our newest body style choice.

Another example is allowing our clients to rent a pickup truck. Renting a pickup truck is invaluable in certain situations, especially if you don’t have a friend who owns one.

Why we have the best rental cars in Texas

Elite Rent a Car takes meticulous care of their vehicles. Both to provide you with a dependable car and, secondly, just as important, our client’s safety. Many things make a car reliable, and we look at all of them—tire pressure, good breaks, functioning signaling lights, to name a few. Additionally, upon returning, we go the extra mile to disinfect our vehicles, adding one additional layer of protection. Our goal is to provide every one of our customers with a solid solution that fits their personal transportation needs in the most customer-friendly environment. One in which you can have the peace of mind that you will be driving a clean, dependable vehicle off our parking lot, knowing exactly how much it will cost you: no hidden charges or unexpected add-ons.

We recommend booking early to ensure availability if you rent a particular vehicle. If you plan a late summer Texas road trip, now is the time to make your reservation.
We love to hear from our customers. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, so please contact us with any inquiry you might have.