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Minivan Rental in Houston

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Minivan Rentals

With a 296 horsepower engine, the Toyota Sienna is an excellent minivan for when you need a vehicle rental option. It can accommodate several passengers comfortably. It is a perfect car rental choice for families. With its 3.5-liter V6 direct-injection engine you can be assured that you will have a responsive vehicle. This option is comfortable and spacious yet economical to drive.

Our minivan rental option vehicles all feature sport-tuned suspicions and steering, affording you a safe smooth drive.

Elite Rent a Car always considers safety when choosing the vehicles for our fleet. Our minivan options feature up to eight standard airbags, therefore protecting you and your passengers.

Our rental options include many other vehicle types. The minivan is a popular alternative for groups of seven passengers.

If you need a smaller vehicle, we also offer midsize sedans or even compact economy conscious choices. Elite Rent a Car also has bigger vehicle options, we have 15 passenger vans to be able to accommodate a larger amount of people.

At Elite Rent a Car we take pride in keeping a diversity of vehicle options that are well maintained ensuring dependability and safety.

With our a convenient location, in the heart of the Westchase area in Houston, you can be assured to find the vehicle you need with one of the most customer-centric contracts in the Houston car rental industry.

Most noteworthy, Elite Rent a Car offers accessible pricing, a large variety of vehicle options that include minivans. Therefore the minivan is the perfect vehicle to accommodate up to seven passengers comfortably.