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Elite’s Diverse Vehicle Fleet

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When renting a vehicle, it is always beneficial to have many choices. That is one of the reasons we strive to have a diverse vehicle fleet. Our vehicle choices have been specially selected to help us serve a wide margin of customers’ needs. We can accommodate even fifteen-passenger vans if your needs require that many passengers. But let us dive into the particular body styles we offer. 

Toyota Corolla: This is the most sold vehicle worldwide. Their reliability makes them the perfect choice for a compact body style. It is a comfortable drive for those who favor good gas mileage.

Toyota Camry: One of the most popular sedans on the road. This mid-size vehicle is perfect for small families that don’t require a larger vehicle.

Toyota Tacoma: This body style is perfect for those who need to move smaller items around that might not fit in an SUV. It is economical, with plenty of hauling room without breaking your budget.

Toyota Sienna: Those who have never driven a modern minivan are in for a treat. They are versatile, with plenty of passenger room, yet easy to drive. It is like having a small living room on wheels.

Toyota RAV4: Our smallest compact SUV body style. It is for those of us who do not need a minivan but need more room than a Camry can afford. Once again, this vehicle is perfect for small families.

Toyota Highlander: This midsized SUV is the perfect size for a medium-sized family of five. It provides more room than the RAV4 so that it would be a step up from that model.

Toyota 4Runner: A very spacious SUV that can accommodate five families in a very comfortable space. Once again, this body style is also one of Toyota’s best-selling vehicles due to its reliability and ruggedness.

Toyota Tundra: This would be our larger pickup truck choice. It is the perfect selection for those who need to move more oversized items.

Elite Rent a Car also has larger vehicles to select, with their twelve and fifteen-passenger vans. We don’t always need to move this many people around, but this option is perfect if you or your company have that requirement.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our rental vehicles.