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Compact Car Rental in Houston

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Our Compact Car Rental Option

The most economical option would be our compact car. Toyota Corolla or equivalent vehicle. At times you need the most bang for the buck. Nothing beats a compact car rental on the economy when it comes to gas mileage. When your car is in the shop, or you need to get from A to B. You might not need a big or luxurious option. A simple, reliable vehicle is all you need. The advantages of a compact car rental are not only how many miles you get per gallon of gas, but also they are easy to drive and park, mainly if you need to parallel park.

At Elite Rent a Car we have many other options if you need something with more room or a pickup truck. But our compact options is still one of the most popular choices, due to its conservative nature and its flexibility.

Elite has weekend promotional pricing. Elite rent a car also offers corporate discount rates, in case you need to visit Houston often of business. We also have an extremely flexible contract. Elite rent a vehicle has cash car rental options. You don’t need a credit card.

Elite Rent a Car also offers complimentary pickup within a 5-mile radius of either of our two locations.

If you are on a budget but need a reliable car rental option, consider our compact rental option. 

Elite Rent a Car is conveniently In the Westchase area to serve you better.
Call us today at 713-227-3777 or use our online booking system to make a reservation.